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How to Manage a Healthy Lifestyle Everyday To Stay Fit

This is because the lifestyle that he lived in a long period of time including diet, mindset, rest patterns and exercise patterns.


Healthy lifestyles

The Importance of Desire and Awareness for Health
I have a close relative (deceased) who suffered from diabetes and kidney failure in his new age in the early 40s. And I also have relatives who at the age of 82 can still swim every day, even took part in swimming competitions in the recent Asian Games stadium trials.

What distinguishes these two relatives so that they have conflicting health conditions? Of course their daily lifestyle. But do they have the same level of health awareness? I myself am not sure about this.

My young relatives actually understand the importance of maintaining health.

Many times we gave a suggestion that he does not smoke, many foods that contain fat such as cakes made from butter, chocolate, etc. but with his condition that is not healthy (fat and high blood sugar levels) he still does not care about the dangers of his diet and remains eat according to his taste (what he wants) and also smoking which should not be done.

In contrast to my healthy relatives in his 80s, he was diligent in swimming from a young age and kept his diet.

Knowing about how to live a healthy life is actually not difficult. But practicing requires awareness and patience for those who are not accustomed to even this is arguably a lifestyle choice.

Not everyone wants to run it because they are not accustomed to being young and still have the mindset that life should be enjoyed by eating good food and living the lifestyle as you wish.

This is what you need to rethink, that you must choose to live healthy because there are many benefits to be gained.

With a healthy body the mind will become clearer, productivity will increase, can avoid stress, can avoid various diseases, more excited, most have a long life and so forth.

By living a healthy lifestyle we actually enjoy life more. Of course we have been treated to news about an Indonesian character or artist who is suffering from a serious illness such as cancer or other diseases.

With a healthy lifestyle, you do not have to give up one hundred percent of your favorite food habits, but at least you can reduce them, for example, only at certain times like weekends.

But there are things that you really have to leave behind and some things that you do in your daily activities to make your life healthier, more productive and fit.

I myself am not a doctor, and have lived an unhealthy lifestyle, such as irregular eating patterns, lack of rest, and less relaxed in living life.

But after I lived a healthy lifestyle that I got from various references, Alhamdulillah made my body more 180 degrees fit than before. The following are things that I always do in maintaining my daily health:


Daily Healthy Lifestyle

Drink 2 glasses of water immediately after waking up in the morning. At least wait 30-45 minutes before drinking juice or eating the next meal.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables (preferably not cooked, can be juiced) either in the morning or in the evening. Fruit is eaten separately. When you eat berries, leave at least 30 minutes before the next meal because otherwise the fruit will be able to interfere with the digestive process due to the fermentation process. Likewise after eating heavy foods such as rice and protein, wait at least 3 hours before you eat fruits.

Get used to always defecate at least 1 time every day in the morning.

Drink enough water, at least 8 glasses a day.

Drink 2 glasses of water 1 hour before eating.

Avoid things that can be detrimental to health (smoking, eating junk food, intoxicating drinks, etc.).

Get used to thinking positively and act calmly. Avoid excessive stress and anger (Read also: how to deal with stress).

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