How to get rid of pimples naturally

Many ways that people do to get rid of zits. Starting from facials in famous beauty salons or clinics to buy acne removal products.

For those of you who want to deal with acne at a low cost, try using natural ingredients that have been proven to be able to overcome the problem of acne, although the effect is not as fast as anti-acne products sold on the market.

Here are some ways to get rid of pimples with natural ingredients:

1. Avocado and Honey Masks

cara menghilangkan jerawat dengan masker alpukat
Avocados and honey are one of the best combinations to overcome the problem of acne. Honey, a natural ingredient that has been known for a long time, has many benefits for the skin because it contains hydrogen peroxide which is antibacterial.

While avocados are rich in vitamin E which can penetrate skin pores and reduce inflammation of the skin.

1.Take the avocado meat and put it in a container
2.Puree avocado flesh
3.Add one spoonful of honey then stir until smooth
4.Also add lemon juice (optional)
5.Apply the mask to the face with acne for 15-20 minutes
6.Rinse with warm water2. Baking Soda
It should be noted, before using baking soda paste you should first check the reaction on your skin. Apply a small amount of paste on a part of the face. If a reddish skin reaction does not appear, then use can continue..

2. Lemon

cara menghilangkan jerawat
L-ascorbic acid contained in lemons can reduce inflammation problems in acne prone skin and cleanse clogged pores. Lemon is also known both as a skin lightening and stain remover.

1.Prepare one lemon
2.Press a little lemon, cut it in half, then squeeze
3.Apply to your face
4.Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with cold water and dry with a towel
5.Perform this treatment routinely once a day to overcome the problem of acne

3. Toothpaste

Fluoride, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide are some of the active ingredients in toothpaste that can prevent skin irritation, dry out pimples and reduce inflammation on the face. How to use toothpaste as an acne medicine is also very easy.

1.Apply toothpaste directly on the pimples and avoid applying toothpaste to all areas of the facial skin

2.Leave it for about 2 hours or overnight

3.Rinse face with cold water and dry

4.It's best to avoid using toothpaste on sensitive skin. Choose toothpaste with a lower fluoride content. If possible, use organic toothpaste.

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