How to deal with a sick stomach!

1. Maagh

Symptoms: Pain in the uluhati area, accompanied by other complaints such as nausea, vomiting, flatulence, satiety, and belching-especially when you are hungry. Cause: Various. Could be due to food, especially foods that contain gas such as cabbage, sweet potatoes, and mustard greens. Or it could also be caused by drinks such as coffee, alcohol, and soda. In addition to dietary factors, ulcers can be related to stress factors, smoking, and consumption of painkillers including rheumatism.

2. Gallstones

Symptoms: Those who have stones in the gallbladder usually feel the pain of the gut that is lost. Sometimes, the pain seems to spread to the back of the body.

Cause: Fatty foods or can also be associated with cholesterol levels that are too high. Gallstones are deposits of cholesterol, bilirubin, or other calcium salts that form in the gallbladder or near the bile duct.

3. Appendicitis

Symptoms: Pain in the lower right abdomen. Usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and constant pain. Sometimes, the pain will increase to three times when you have to walk. Your body will feel uncomfortable and jolly. Due to intense pain, sometimes you are unconscious to hold on to the lower right abdomen while ... groaning.

Cause: Germs or bacteria that enter. So if you think the cause is the result of eating too much chili or seeds, you're consumed by myth.

4. Cholera

Symptoms: Your stomach is like being pressed, feeling pain especially in the lower abdomen, then followed by abdominal muscle spasms. Feelings of nausea and vomiting usually come after diarrhea. Cholera is often also called vomiting because its main symptoms are vomiting and bowel movements.

Cause: Vibrio cholerae bacteria that have another alias iBacillus coma. These germs are spread through contaminated food and drinks.

5. Kidney Stones Symptoms: Pain in the left or right lower abdomen that spreads to the penis. If these kidney stones attack, you may experience extreme pain due to the urinary tract (which looks like a tube) will stretch strongly due to hold urine that can not get out. Cause: Stones in the urethra (ureteral stones). Pain that feels lost arises and the intensity of the pain will be more intense when you want to urinate.

6. Constipation

Symptoms: Abdominal pain that occurs, the location is around the navel. This pain appears related to the food you consume or due to constipation.

Cause: Due to eating too much high-fat food and eating less vegetables. In severe cases, constipation can be caused by mechanical barriers in the intestines such as inflammation of the intestinal wall, cancer, or protruding bowel.

7. Dysentery Symptom

 Heartburn may be almost the same when your wife wants to give birth. That makes you upset you have to go back and forth to the toilet to defecate. A day maybe you can 20 to 30 times defecation, and your stool will loose and slimy. Sometimes, the dirt is accompanied by blood. Cause: Consumption of dirty food that has been infected with shigella dysentery or intestinal amoeba.

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