Effective Ways to Overcome Sciatica on Our Bodies!

1. Ice Cube

cara mengatasi pegal linu
Not only does ice cube act as a drink freshener or food preservative to keep it fresh, but it can function as a medicine when you are aching or sprained. Compress the diseased part of the body with an ice stone that has been wrapped by a thick cloth or towel. Initially it will certainly feel cold and frozen, but effective in reducing pain and swelling in your muscles.

2. Garlic

Bawang Putih
This spice is usually used as a main ingredient in flavoring dishes. Efficacy it contains no doubt, garlic is effective for dealing with various diseases.

Garlic contains antibiotics and natural anti-inflammatory substances that can relieve achy aches from rheumatic pain. The trick is to rub the meat in garlic on the part of your body that hurts.

3. Mangosteen Skin
cara mengolah kulit manggis
You can treat sciatica by using mangosteen skin. The content of antioxidants and various vitamins contained in the mangosteen peel can be used to treat your achy rheumatic pain. The method is very easy, namely:

Cut the mangosteen peel into small pieces.
Dry mangosteen skin until all parts are completely dry.
When it's dry, mash it into a powder, then brew the mangosteen peel with warm water.
Drinking mangosteen peel solution regularly.

4. Clove Oil

minyak cengkeh
One of the herbal medicines that can be used to treat aching rheumatic pain is clove oil. Apply clove oil to the painful part of the body to deal with the pain. Previously, it is recommended to heat the oil first, wait for it to cool, then spread it on the affected area evenly.

5. Hanging Papaya Root
For how to deal with aching rheumatic pain next, you can use papaya root hanging. The trick is:

  • Prepare some roots of papaya hanging, wash clean, cut, then boil using 4 cups of water.
  • Mix the hanging papaya root stew with galangal, boil it again until it boils and leave only 3 cups.
  • Mix with palm sugar so it tastes better.

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